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Grahams SunClear

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Grahams SunClearIt’s officially SUMMER!!!

Living in Hawaii, we get a lot of sun year-round which means we have to be extra protective of our skin. We are also surrounded by natural reef and there are studies out there that claim some sunscreens on the market are harmful to our reef due to the chemicals in the sunscreen.

Lucky we are stocked with Grahams SunClear! Grahams SunClear is a natural alternative to the conventional UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum sunscreens. It’s also Non Nano which means the chemicals won’t enter your bloodstream. The active ingredient in this sunscreen is zinc oxide, which is non-allergenic and good for all skin types, and no worries about it going on chalky white, it goes on clear.

You do have to re-apply often (every 80 min) as this is a natural product and non-chemical, but that small inconvenience is nothing compared to the chemicals you could be absorbing with longer-lasting drugstore “sport” options.

Enjoy your summer, be safe and protect your skin!


Author: Umeke

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